Independent Bath Awards

“The Independent Bath Awards are run by independents for independents. They are judged by independents for independents. In short what we really care about is the independent businesses that really make Bath a great city to live and work in.”

You all know how much I blabber on about independent businesses and how amazing they are – well imagine my utter joy when I was approached by Sarah & Erica, the beautiful brains behind the first ever Independent Bath Awards!

Sarah & Erica’s love of independent shopping, markets and rooting through quirky shops all over the South West has led to them creating an award ceremony just for independent businesses. An opportunity to shout about and celebrate the unique, special and truly awesome indie businesses that grace our fine city.

I am so proud to have been asked to judge the awards, alongside a team of other business owners and whilst this means we can’t actually enter – I will certainly be filling out the entry form next year. That’s an award we’d be really proud of.

So, if you’re an independent business – or know someone that owns one, get them to enter! You can fill out the forms here and read their fantastic blog at the same time.


Sarah & Erica – independent beauts.


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