Menu Gordon Jones Bath

Menu Gordon Jones

It’s not very often I rave about food; mainly because I love all food and therefore if I did, i’d be talking about that great pizza, spaghetti bolognese, cheesecake, falafel, Pad Thai (etc) I had; all day, everyday.

We’ve got some amazing restaurants in Bath and are lucky to have such an eclectic mix of independents absolutely nailing the food scene – in fact, if you’re ever stuck for somewhere to eat due to such a vast selection and need a nudge, check out The Pig Guide. They’re Bath’s only independent food reviewing site and always know who, what and where is hot.

On Tuesday mum and I were taken to Menu Gordon Jones, courtesy of my brother and sister in law – as a thank you for regular babysitting duties…never a hardship or inconvenience but if they wanna buy us food to say thank you, who am I to say no?

I’ve heard so much about this restaurant; “unique” “special” “there’s a waiting list” “it’s genius” so expected to be a little out of my depth walking into a place so highly rated. FYI I don’t do fancy dining very well – all that cutlery, napkin in the lap, bread rolls on both sides (too tempting) which glass do you drink from (?!) – it brings me out in a cold sweat.

I couldn’t have been more wrong about this place though. Menu Gordon Jones is a cosy, welcoming and relaxed restaurant where you’re greeted by friendly, smiling staff. The open kitchen is not only fascinating to watch but also means you get to interact with the incredible chefs. It’s also handy when your bone-head brother spills chorizo oil all over his new shirt (from G&T, no less) and the lovely Mr Gordon Jones himself quickly whips out a hot cloth to help with the clean up/shirt rescue.

The food was exceptional. Chocolate and cumin bread, battered snails, lava salt in a test tube, artichoke in a dessert – the list of mind boggling, taste bud tingling combinations goes on. Needless to say, i’ve not experienced anything like it before – Menu Gordon Jones is as much fun for grown ups as Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory is for kids. But there’s wine!

The whole evening was faultless and only further improved by our lovely waiter (sadly I didn’t catch his name) – needless to say the initial hesitance I felt worrying about it being too fancy, was not necessary.

I couldn’t recommend Menu Gordon Jones highly enough. They use fresh, locally sourced produce and the menu can change daily depending on what’s looking good. All the more reason to go back at least once a week…we wish.

Menu Gordon Jones Bath

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