Radiators & drains

This is a slightly different post to usual…more personal and a little off topic to begin with but i’m hoping it will come full circle and make sense in the end (ish.)

Humans are varied and impossibly complex creatures but when it comes to knowing how someone makes you feel about yourself, there are two types of people – radiators & drains. Radiators make you feel great. They lift you up, exude positive energy and fill you with excitement and enthusiasm. Drains do the opposite. They can make you feel flat, zap you of any positivity and often use you solely as an outlet for their frustration and misery.

Life means we come into contact with both types of people on a daily basis and you’re even more exposed when you work with the public. It can be exhausting spreading yourself amongst people, trying to please and do your best for everyone and sometimes it leaves you emotionally drained.

I consider myself a radiator and I know for sure that my mum is one. Growing up she was always positive, encouraging and supportive – even when times were unbelievably hard for us, you never would have known. My mum is a role model for me in lots of ways but her ability to radiate positivity is something I have always worked hard to emulate. I think I do a reasonable job most of the time (:)) however, sometimes we all need to be picked up. (Not literally, i’m deceivingly heavy.)

This brings me nicely to the point of this post. The gym. Followers of Grace & Ted on social media will have seen numerous gym posts and are probably bored by how much I go on about it….if that’s you, stop reading now ūüėÄ

Actually, this is less about the gym and the physical act of training and more about the people I train with. Namely, Steve & Steve (confusing, I know.) Steve Wootten owns Relentless Training Systems, a semi-private studio in Oldfield Park and Steve Duck is his partner in PT crime. Training with these two for the last year has not only made me fitter, stronger and happier but has also left me with two really good friends.

Steve & Steve, Wootten & Duck, “The Steve’s” are perfect examples of radiators. Pretty important when you’re a personal trainer, you might say – but so many people (PT’s included) can ‘switch it on’ when it matters but are very much ‘off’ the rest of the time.
Not these two. No matter the day, time, weather and even when they’re hungry, they are always the same – they exude positivity and more importantly, never fail to make you laugh, even when you don’t feel like it. The support from these guys is priceless, both in the gym and out of it and I am incredibly proud and lucky to be able to call them friends. It makes going to the gym a hell of a lot more fun too!

I believe radiators attract other radiators and this can be proved by looking at the group of ladies I train with at Relentless. We are of all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities but one thing is true for all – they’re awesome. On a rainy Monday evening at 6pm when all you want to do is go home and put yourself somewhere horizontally, the last thing you feel like doing is pushing a weighted sled up and down a room. Well, when you have these guys¬†behind you, it makes it a lot easier. Never before have I met ladies who are so supportive, enthusiastic, funny and who will happily celebrate your personal victories with you. They say you should ‘surround yourself with people on the same mission as you’ and it certainly feels like i’ve done that when i’m training with these ladies and the Steve’s.

I guess the point of this post was to publicly tell these guys how much I appreciate them but also to hopefully encourage anyone that might be having a hard time, be feeling unsupported or flat to get out there and find some radiators! Working out will always make you feel good but it can be 10 times more effective if you do it with the right people.

Check out Relentless here¬†ūüôā


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