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15 Things Every Man Should Have

Where would we be without lists? (besides wandering aimlessly around the supermarket…) They’re pretty handy and the guru of men’s style Tom Ford has compiled the ultimate list for gents; from how to start your day, to what should be in your wardrobe.
Here we look at (according to Tom) the 15 things every man should have…

  • A sense of humour. (We think this might be the most important – any one can look great in a sharp suit but it’s not perfect unless finished with a smile…)
  • A daily read of the newspaper.
  • A sport that you love and are good at.
  • Tweezers. (Great for rogue hairs, just don’t go overboard on the brows.)
  • A good cologne that becomes a signature.
  • A well cut, dark suit. (A great quality, tailored suit could be the ultimate piece in your wardrobe to knock socks off at any occasion. Visit the experts and invest in something you really love and you will get loads of wear from it. Try Gieves & Hawkes or Bath’s own Marc Wallace for perfect tailoring.)
  • A classic pair of black lace up shoes.
  • A smart blazer.
  • The perfect pair of dark denim jeans.
  • Lots of crisp white cotton shirts.
  • Always new socks and underwear.
  • A classic tuxedo.
  • A beautiful day watch with a metal band.
  • The perfect sunglasses. (Identify the shape of your face and what suits it. We recommend a visit to Brad Abrahams in Bath who will assist and advise.)
  • Perfect teeth – “if you don’t have them, save up and get them fixed.”

And that’s it – pretty simple really! This list needn’t be daunting either, these things may take time to accumulate but will be long lasting additions to your wardrobe.
Keep checking the rails at Grace & Ted for top designer clothing and accessories – because these things needn’t cost the earth – and if something isn’t quite right, we can work with our local tailor to ensure it is perfect.

You can view a selection of our favourite designer pieces for men in our online shop or visit us in store for our full collection.

Thanks Tom.

Tom Ford - 15 things every man should have

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