Harpers Bazaar, Chanel & "Thinking Fashion"

Harper’s Bazaar, Chanel & “Thinking Fashion”

Harper’s Bazaar is the worlds oldest fashion magazine. Their motto is ‘thinking fashion’; the aim, to use fashion as a starting point to look at the ways it affects other parts of our lives. Picardie described Bazaar’s approach as ‘thoughtful’, a magazine for “the well dressed woman with a well dressed mind.”

Picardie believes fashion is about breaking rules. There is a common misconception that we should be following trends and focussing on uniformity but Harper’s Bazaar encourages women to be confident in how they dress and in how they think.

Gabrielle Chanel used fashion as a tool to define herself and is the subject of Picardie’s latest book ‘Coco Chanel, The Legend and The Life’. It’s easy to see why she would choose to focus on fashion’s leading lady when you delve deeper into the way Chanel; the lady and the brand, perfectly embodies Bazaar’s sentiment.

She broke rules by cropping her hair and wearing men’s shirts. She took the colour black; commonly associated with mourning and turned it into a symbol of strength. She was the first person to use mens tailoring to give women a sense of sartorial its dignity.

We love Chanel, for the timeless elegance of their pieces. We love Harper’s Bazaar for their forward thinking and innovative approach to fashion and what really matters to women.

Picardie, Harper’s Bazaar and Chanel herself ultimately share the same ethos – to empower women and to break through boundaries imposed by others and by ourselves. We like to think we fit into that category too…At G&T we encourage our customers to stand outside of the lines and to express themselves in clothes that they love. We want customers to feel inspired, empowered and strong in the clothes they’re wearing.

Fashion isn’t the be all and end all, but it’s a good place to start. In a world where so many things are completely out of our control, expressing ourselves through style is something we can all do.

Virginia Woolf said “clothes change our view of the world and the world’s view of us” – remember that next time you’re pounding the pavements of Bath’s high street. Throw away the rule book, be brave and take risks with what you wear. Chanel did and she always looked fabulous – you will too.

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