4 must have accessories

4 Must Have Accessories

Accessories can take an outfit from average to amazing with very little effort. Throw on the right pair of sunnies for your trip into town and suddenly you’ll be glad you bumped into your ex ‘cos you look smokin’. Pair the right earrings with a simple black dress and you’ll be walking tall and looking chic all night long. Here, we discuss why you should invest in these 4 must have accessories

The Belt

Belts are understated and rarely utilised as often as they should be. Not only do they add a different dimension to an outfit, they often give us the opportunity to own a piece by our favourite designers that doesn’t break the bank. Stella McCartney, Gucci and D&G have created styles that can work in a million different ways; taking your outfit from high-street to catwalk chic.

The Earrings

Synonymous with elegance, femininity and sophistication; a staple in any woman’s earring collection should be a pair of simple pearl studs. Easy to wear with other earrings and jewellery in silver or gold, they are versatile enough to add a touch of luxury to every day.

The Bag

To purchase your first designer handbag is a big thing for a lot of women. We love it when someone visits G&T and finds the bag they’ve always wanted, or discovers the one they never knew they needed!

It’s easy to spend £50 every few seasons on a new bag but if you really want that Mulberry Bayswater, Anya Hindmarch Pixel bag or Chloe satchel then commit to saving that £50 until you can afford it. We guarantee there will be no feeling like the day you invest in the bag of your dreams; plus you’ll wear it with everything and get years of love from it. Money well spent we say!

The Sunglasses

The right pair of sunglasses can add a touch of chic and luxury to even the most simple of outfits. Pair a white t-shirt and jeans on a Summers day with some mirrored Ray-Ban aviators and you wouldn’t look out of place on Hollywood Boulevard! Take time finding the shape that suits your face and invest in good quality lenses that will protect your eyes from UV rays. Also great for hiding a hangover, but you didn’t hear that from us…

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