5 Iconic Bags Everyone Should Own

“Fashion evolves but style endures” – a sentiment we love at G&T and one we encounter every day. Fashions change; that dress we lusted over last week has been replaced by a different, better one and those shiny silver platform boots that were all the rage are now just impractical and uncomfortable.

Some things never go out of style though – blue jeans, a white shirt, a little black dress and probably the most important piece; a timeless designer handbag.

Bag trends come and go too with designers releasing styles every year that will have been long forgotten come the next season. There are some though, the ‘it bags’ whose style is eternal and will remain a trustworthy member of your wardrobe for years. Here, we look at the 5 iconic bags everyone should own

Fendi Baguette

Designed to be carried under the arm like the delicious French loaf it was named after, the Fendi Baguette was originally released in 1997 and is available in over 700 styles. Practical, minimal and yet still effortlessly chic, the Baguette bag is your perfect evening companion. With some designs costing over £2000, the black canvas Fendi Baguette we currently have at G&T is simple, classic and in excellent condition with the original dust bag. Priced at £180, it’s your opportunity to own one of the world’s most iconic bags!

Bottega Veneta Woven Bag

From the brand who’s motto was “when your own initials are enough” Bottega Veneta have continued to pride themselves on exquisite craftsmanship and timeless design rather than bold and brazen patterns or logos. The criss-cross woven leather is created using ‘Intrecciato’  a process invented by Bottega Veneta in the 1960’s that makes the bags stronger and more durable. Chic and simple, a Bottega bag will last you a lifetime.



Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag

Created in 2001 by Nicolas Ghesquiere the Motorcycle inspired bag was originally rejected by Balenciaga bosses who thought the bag wasn’t rigid enough. Luckily the prototype was a hit with supermodels and once seen on the arm of Kate Moss, became an instant It Bag. Its versatile long and short straps, slouchy design and tassel detail make it the perfect edgy every day bag.



Chanel 2.55 

Possibly the most recognisable and coveted bag of all time, the 2.55 encompasses everything we love about Chanel – classic design, exquisite craftsmanship and timeless elegance. Available in a rainbow of colours with new variations being released with each season, we think the Chanel 2.55 will remain safely on the must-have list forever!

Hermès Birkin

No list of ‘5 iconic bags everyone should own’ would be complete without a mention of Hermès! The Birkin was originally created for Jane Birkin and takes expert artisans a full two days to make each one. With prices starting at £6000 and ranging to as much as £100,000 – it is thought the waiting list for a Birkin direct from Hermès is now 6 years long.



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