Grace & Ted’s Designer Christmas Gift Guide

Stuck for what to buy a loved one this year? Find inspiration from Grace & Ted’s designer Christmas gift guide – featuring some of our favourite pieces currently available in store and online; we hope that whether it’s for him or her, you will find the perfect gift.

Because special people deserve special things.


Grace & Ted's Designer Christmas Gift Guide

Grace & Ted - designer resale boutique

Designer Consignment Shopping: New vs Pre-Owned

We all love a bargain. Sadly, those of us who are 'label hungry' don't often stumble upon bargain-laden sales when lusting over everything in Gucci or Chanel. With the popularity of certain fashion houses soaring, prices are doing the same and so sh...

Spring Summer 2018 Trends

Spring Summer 2018 Trends

December is over and we've replaced chocolate for breakfast with 5 grain/chia/multi-seed/oat porridge (if it's got no sugar it's got to be good, right?) Working hard to avoid the January blues, we're looking forward to the next season and switching ...

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