The Balenciaga Motorcycle bag

The Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag

Widely regarded as the brand’s most iconic piece; the Balenciaga Motorcycle bag was created by Nicolas Ghesquière; who took over as Creative Director in 1997.

The first bag he designed for the house in 2000 wasn’t well received. Critics felt it was too soft and lacked the weight and structured design seen in popular bags of the time. Regardless, Ghesquière convinced the corporate bosses to allow him to make 25 prototype bags which he then gave to models, editors and friends. Kate Moss fell in love with the Motorcycle bag and was often photographed wearing it in magazines. From there the design was put into mainstream manufacture and quickly started selling out.

When asked why he thought the bag was so popular, Ghesquière said “No logo. Very light. Very effective…it was a new fresh thing, but it looked like an old, good, friendly thing. And I think the brand was also becoming desirable. People had desire for my goods and [the bag] was the most accessible piece.”

Edgy, practical yet still fashionable, the Balenciaga Motorcycle bag is the perfect piece for any fashionista that wants to invest in a designer piece that is understated yet chic. The perfect bag for every day, it can be worn casually on the shoulder with jeans or in the crook of your arm with a LBD.

A popular feature of the Motorcycle bag is the leather used. The distressed, durable, thin leather (usually lambskin) ages and wrinkles beautifully and in a unique way that no two bags will ever look the same…this bag will surely be one of your favourite ‘forever pieces’.

Balenciaga is one of the labels we see less often at G&T and we’re sure that the Motorcycle bag remains a firm favourite in so many wardrobes and so is rarely resold. In addition, bags produced in different colours are made in relatively low numbers – meaning some designs quickly become sought-after and hard to find.


If you are coveting a Motorcycle bag – use our sourcing form to let us know and we’ll contact you as soon as one flies through the door!

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