Detox Your Wardrobe

Detox Your Wardrobe

2017 is the year to be more organised, refined and focused.

While we all have grand aspirations of being able to do these things in life generally, we think our wardrobes are a good place to start. Storing clothes, shoes and bags correctly not only means they stay immaculate and beautiful for longer, it also means we can recognise which items we use and what needs to be moved on to a better home. Here we discuss how to organise & detox your wardrobe…

Edit your wardrobe

It’s often hard to part with clothes, shoes and bags that we have spent our hard earned money on, with many of us convincing ourselves that we WILL wear it! If you’re unsure about anything, put it into a box and store it for 6 months. If after this time you haven’t opened it, you know it’s time to part with some things.

The pieces that you love and wear can then be divided into seasons. If you’re short on space, fold and store the items that are ‘out of season’ and fill your wardrobe with seasonally appropriate things.

Detox Your Wardrobe

Top tips for storage

  • Use the same kind of hanger (never wire) and have them all facing the same way in your wardrobe
  • Ensure your clothes have enough space. Overcrowding can lead to humidity and those dreaded moths
  • Fold cashmere and silk, don’t hang. This way they will hold their shape and are less likely to be pulled/damaged
  • If something needs to be stored in a garment bag, choose a breathable fabric like cotton
  • Never store leather in plastic – it needs to breathe!
  • Put a diffuser in your wardrobe so that you’re greeted with sweet scents when you open the doors.


Detox your wardrobe

Once you’ve identified which items you wear and which you don’t – it’s time to organise your wardrobe! Pieces that are designer or top-end high street brands can be taken to your local consignment reselling shop (like Grace & Ted) to be sold. Resale clothes shops like ours in Bath sell the items on your behalf, you get some money back for your unloved clothing and someone else’s wardrobe becomes a little more special at the same time.

Clothing, shoes and accessories that are not suitable for a resale shop can then be donated to charity. They are always so grateful for new stock and there’ll be a hell of a lot of good karma coming your way.



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