Gucci Launches its First Sustainable Collection!

Gucci Launches Its First Sustainable Collection!

Gucci launches its first sustainable collection – what do you think??

‘Off The Grid’ features genderless trainers, bags and clothing and each item has been made using recycled, organic or sustainably sourced materials. 

The bags pictured here have been made using ECONYL which is made by rescuing waste like fishing nets, carpets and industrial plastic from landfill and oceans; pretty cool huh! These bags basically save the fish, guys.

Gucci is one luxury brand committed to creating a more sustainable future. As well as this collection, their ‘Circular Lines’ initiative aims to reduce waste by reintroducing byproducts back into their supply chain.

In case you needed another reason to worship Alessandro Michele and Gucci – this is it!

A selection of pieces from Gucci's 'Off The Grid' Collection.

Will you be investing in something from the new collection? Do you think it’s about time brands like Gucci scrapped their mainline in favour of a completely sustainably produced collection? Or do you feel like ‘Off The Grid’ is less refined than what we have come to love from Gucci?

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