Hermes belted trench coat

Hermès Scarves…

The Hermès scarf is one of the world’s most recognisable accessories and there is one sold every 25 seconds. Since their creation in 1938, the house of Hermès has introduced more than 750 designs, resulting in nearly 400,000 scarves printed annually.

Themes inspiring each Hermès scarf include hunting, boating, horses and flowers. The quality is exceptional, the colours rich and the designs unmistakeable.

These classic pieces aren’t just for classy trips to the country, worn as a headscarf in the back of a convertible (we wish) or tied traditionally as a neck scarf….oh no. We’re gonna show you some different ways to wear one. Whichever way you decide to work one of these timeless beauties into your wardrobe, the Hermès scarf will become your personal signature.

Boho beauty. The bohemian trend was massive this Summer and it shows no sign of disappearing for Autumn and Winter. Choose a design in rich, warm colours and tie it around your head for a super chic take on this years hottest trend.


Tailor-made. Don’t underestimate the size of an Hermès scarf – they are massive (35″x 35″ roughly) and really robust. You can tie, twist and wrap them tightly without distorting the silk. We fell in love with the idea of tying them into a top so much so that we used one in our Bath in Fashion 2015 show! Paired with a simple suede coat and wide leg trousers, the Grand Apparat scarf draped in soft folds to add a luxurious feel to a simple outfit.

Grace & Ted Bath in Fashion Hermes scarf
photo: Neil Watson

Loop the loop. We saw this picture in a book on Hermès and thought it was absolutely gorgeous! Trench coats are always in fashion and can be worn year on year over dresses or casually on a Saturday shopping trip. Why not tie an Hermès scarf through the belt loops and add another dimension to your look?


Hermes belted trench coat


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