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How To Care For The Things You Wear

We love the original quote by Queen Vivienne Westwood – “buy less, choose well, make it last.” We truly believe that whilst fashion should be fun and fresh, it should also be sustainable. Instead of buying the latest seasons throwaway trends, look for eternally stylish, classic pieces that can be worn and loved for years to come.

If we’re going to make sure our wardrobe literally stays timeless however, we’ve gotta know how to care for it, right? In this blog we’ll be discussing how to care for the things you wear – sharing tips on the best ways to wash and store those extra special pieces so they last you a lifetime.

How to care for the things we wear - Grace & Ted
Let’s get stuck in to that laundry pile!

Cashmere, Wool + Anything Embellished (e.g.with beads)

How: hand wash – cold (unless the label says specifically not to!)
Use: a little bit of gentle detergent such as Woolite or Soak
Dry: flat on a low fibre towel, reshaping whilst damp

Tip: avoid high heat like dryers or irons near beading and if taking to a dry cleaner ask them to cover them with foil or a cloth for protection.
Always allow your deodorant to dry before wearing cashmere or wool and remember that perfume can stain!


How: dry clean only – we don’t need to try to re-pleat those bad boys back to life after a wash so leave it to the professionals.


Purists will say to never wash denim as this will cause it to fade but if like me, you live in jeans; who can afford to dry clean them that regularly?

How: turn them inside out and wash – cold
Use: your normal detergent
Dry: tumble dry on low to counteract stretching and bring them back to that fresh-outta-the-shop shape.

Tip: some people skip the washing and just put their jeans straight into….the freezer? Fans of this approach love that the cold kills any bacteria and the colour and shape stay intact. Just remember to defrost the night before!

Blue Jean Baby


How: hand wash – warm
Use: your normal detergent
Dry: tumble dry on low and remove when slightly damp to avoid it becoming stiff. Hang or dry flat to finish.

Tip: store linen in a cool, dry place and avoid plastic bags, cardboard boxes or Cedar chests.


How: hand wash – cold
Use: gentle detergent such as Woolite or Soak
Dry: flat on a rack or low fibre towel

Tip: silk commonly bleeds and can stain other items so it’s best to wash them alone. If an item has two or more colours in it, bleeding can also occur so a test before you wash! Pick an inconspicuous area (like a hem) and dip it into warm water, if dye seeps from the garment you know this piece will bleed – take it to the dry cleaner!

How to care for the things you wear - Grace & Ted

Look after your clothes like the good friends they are and they’ll stay faithful for years. If unsure about how to tackle a stain or to care for a specific luxury item, speak to the professionals. And just to be safe, opt for white instead of red wine. ?

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