Resale shop-hopping

Resale Shop-hopping…

We love our little shop for its Aladdin’s cave of designer goodies, but we also appreciate a good resale shop-hopping adventure! When we visit new places we will always take time to hunt down pre-owned designer clothes shops and to save you some time, we’ve chosen a few of our favourites…

Thrifting, consignment or secondhand shopping offers an affordable alternative to the mainstream high street. It enables us to discover new brands and to own pieces that we ordinarily might not have been able to (we’re looking at you Hermès/Chanel/Cartier!) Shopping in secondhand stores also enables us to maintain a sense of individuality – searching for pieces that you know no-one else will be wearing.

Before we took over at number 10 Kingsmead Square, my mum and I would regularly shop here and now more than ever we love finding other designer resale to spend hours in!


Resale shop-hoppingMichael’s Consignment – 1041 Madison Avenue, New York

Manhattan is probably my favourite city in the world and I discover something new every time I visit. A regular stop on any trip to the Big Apple now though is Michael’s. Established in 1954, it’s become a favourite amongst the city’s fashionista’s. Much like Grace & Ted, Michael’s occupies 2 floors in a relatively small building but items are organised by style or designer, making it super easy to navigate. The industry’s best are stocked here – Chanel, Hermès, Gucci, Prada – you name it, they have it. We spent at least an hour exploring the racks and I was so excited to find a brand new Alexander McQueen skull scarf for less than half price! The friendly, knowledgeable staff are happy to offer style advise or to help you find items on your wish list.

If you get the chance to visit NYC, don’t miss Michael’s.



Sell Your Sole – 2121 1st Ave Suite 101, Seattle

Seattle is somewhere I have always wanted to visit – not only because it is the backdrop for Frasier and Grey’s Anatomy Resale shop-hopping(both of which I am obsessed with) but because I heard the city has a vibrant and eclectic high street. Seattle shopping is brilliant – chain stores and independent boutiques sit alongside cute coffee shops and buzzing restaurants. Tucked off the high street behind another store, is a bright and airy loft space filled with top end classic and contemporary designer labels cleverly named Sell Your Sole.

The owner, Natalia only takes items in immaculate condition and the passion and excitement she has for Sell Your Sole and consignment shopping only improves your experience as a customer.
Different to Michael’s in appearance but still maintaining the high standard of stock and service, it was a pleasure to explore Sell Your Sole. The shop has won numerous awards in Seattle and you can see why the minute you step through the door.


L’Etoile de Saint Honorè – Reestraat 24, 1016 DN Amsterdam

If you ever get a chance to visit Amsterdam – go! It is without a doubt one of the coolest and most beautiful cities I have ever visited and is perfect for a weekend of shopping, eating and soaking up the local culture.
Vintage shops, high end designer boutiques and independent stores line what are referred to as ‘The 9 Streets’ – a bustling part of central Amsterdam and amongst them you’ll find L’Étoile de Saint Honoré. Specialising in vintage designer handbags, shoes and accessories – they have one of the most extensive collections of Louis Vuitton I have ever seen! Items are beautifully presented and with a vast selection of accessories, from luggage bags to agenda covers, there’s something for every budget. You can shop online too so check out their website if you’re looking for your next extra special vintage designer piece.


Resale shop-hoppingPandora – 16-22 Cheval Pl, Knightsbridge, London

London is home to some of the country’s best designer resale shops and with most brands having a flagship store in the city, it’s no surprise! One of our favourites is Pandora in Knightsbridge. Tucked away on a back street surrounded by big names like Harrods, Louis Vuitton and Burberry you’ll find the holy grail of discounted designer clothes. Here you’ll find everything – rails filled with Chanel suits stand alongside Chinti & Parker cashmere and Equipment shirts. What’s incredible though is their selection of Hermès bags. Any colour, skin and budget. If, like us, you don’t quite have the room on your credit card for a £50,000 Birkin, it’s worth a visit to Pandora Dress Agency just to see one in all its stunning glory.

The generously sized store has a vast selection of stock and a whole other room dedicated to shoes – a fashionista’s dream? We think so!
Stock is regularly reduced so it is worth being aware of any sales when you visit – when we last searched their rails Mum picked up an awesome Dolce & Gabbana skirt worth £300 for £45!


Vintage to Vogue – 28 Milsom Street, Bath

If you’re looking for the ultimate in vintage – look no further than Vintage to Vogue. A part of Bath’s high street for over 13 years, the shop has become a well loved institution and the minute you enter their quaint Georgian courtyard, you can see why.
Imren and her husband John carefully select genuine vintage pieces for men and women meaning you get to see a specially curated collection of only the best quality pieces.
Stocking everything from suits and dresses to shoes, bags and jewellery, true lovers of vintage will love re-visitng a bygone era and losing track of time at Vintage to Vogue.


Next time you visit a new city, why not do a little research to see if you can enjoy some re-sale shop-hopping too? Discover new designers, try on the things you’ve been lusting over and we guarantee that when you do find that designer item you’ve always wanted – it’ll feel like you’ve struck gold!



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