Upcycle Your Wedding Dress

We often get asked if we are able to resell wedding dresses and sadly, mostly due to a lack of space, this isn’t something we’re able to offer at Grace & Ted.

However, finding innovative ways to re-use your wedding dress is an idea we LOVE. Not only is this better for the environment but means you can wear your gown without looking like you’re in fancy dress, or a runaway bride.

Why not upcycle your wedding dress and turn it into something you’ll wear again and again?

Amy Trinh and Evan Philips of Wed have launched an upcycling service; working with clients to create 100% bespoke pieces. Trinh and Philips want us to disregard the idea that a wedding dress is for ‘one day only’ and instead show people that they can recontextualize their dress to create something entirely new.

Tess Van Zalinge felt dissatisfied with the way the wedding industry currently operates and like Trinh and Philips, wants us to shift focus from the idea that wedding gowns are for ‘one day only.’

Tess launched a collection in 2019 using upcycled vintage wedding dresses and leftover fabrics that is innovative, unique and sustainable. She aims to create pieces that can be worn daily; whether it’s a killer three piece suit or a flowing summer skirt.

If you chose white or ivory shoes for your big day you might find they consistently sit at the back of your wardrobe because they look too…wedding-y? Well experts like The Restory are here to transform them into a ‘brand new’ pair that are way more wearable.

We love what they did with these Manolo Blahnik Hangisi pumps (possibly the ultimate wedding shoe thanks to Ms Bradshaw!) and I think we’ll agree that they look equally as stunning in grey as they did in ivory.

We love these refreshing initiatives that are helping to change the way we see fashion. Did you upcycle or alter your wedding dress? Do you wear your big-day accessories on the regular? We’d love to hear from you if you have transformed your special day pieces so you can wear them again and again!

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